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business & Operating model 

Successful organizations over the last decade have chosen to what we call the DUAL TRANSFORMATION approach.


They strengthen the current core with focus on efficiency & effectiveness through new product & service development, operational excellence, digitization & automation, organizational development and other aligned initiatives.

At the same time, they proactively seek opportunities to reinvent and reimagine the business and operating model holistically.

Through our unique Exponential SPRINT methodology (integrating Design Thinking, Lean Startup and AGILE frameworks on front to back basis) we identify and execute transformation initiatives @CORE to exploit the current business as well as @EDGE to explore opportunities and grow into adjacent or completely new arenas.

The SPRINTs are designed to decode and address the organizational performance limiting factors, and foster relevant capabilities across the broader business and operating model to expand & unlock the performance potential.


With SPRINTs deployed at scale, organizations develop the ability to offer robust and agile responses to today's complex business challenges as well as seize the available or in-fact create new business opportunities .

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