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blueprinting business growth strategy

The context

  • A regional BU within the global specialty chemical division following conventional commodity approach (volume, pricing, contracts), and not seen to be effectively driving and leveraging R&D capabilities                                                                                

  • Revenues CAGR for last 3 years being @ 2% and EBIDTA @ 15%

  • Leadership desired to establish the regional business strategy and the TOM towards realizing the market opportunities


  • Conducted an E2E value chain, market attractiveness & competitiveness assessment and prioritized market satisfaction gaps                                                                     

  • Re-defined portfolio focused on differentiation and value based pricing, devised a sales & marketing control system, and detailed key customer account plans                                                        

  • Established plans for supply chain debottle-necking and greenfield expansions; and defined a new customer focused organizational structure 


  • Business plan to increase revenues from $ 750 mn. to $ 1.25 bn. @ 10% CAGR and  EBIDTA CAGR @ 23%                                                                   

  • Improved new lead / opportunity conversion rate from 15% to 40%                                                              

  • Enhanced levels of alignment between global R & D, regional Technical Services, Marketing & Sales, and Supply Chain organization 

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