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EXECUTE exponential

In the past decade, trillions of dollars have been wasted on failed corporate innovation and transformation initiatives. Nearly 70% of these projects fail, and companies get knotted in “spaghetti balls.” It is simply not sustainable for companies to keep copying and repeating the failing, outdated innovation processes.

Imagine if you could...

  • Build a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the challenges and opportunities of different disruptive technologies for your business.

  • Uncover the current and potential customer lifecycle journey, and leverage behavioral science techniques to identify their motivations and triggers, and nail down the most critical pain and gain points.

  • Identify the most significant moves for your business, brand and portfolio – whether it’s breaking into new markets, capturing new customers or occasions, or launching a new-to-world product category

  • Develop and pilot your value proposition, iterating with agility to address dynamic market conditions, establish partnerships, conduct test marketing with early adopters and evaluate the outcomes.

  • Navigate your “corporate immune system”, align your people, reduce organizational politics, create a wave of morale and innovation excitement that shifts your corporate culture while implementing your initiatives with high impact.

We use a highly-tuned and proven EXPONENTIAL SPRINT methodology that has powered several successful ventures and corporate innovation initiatives, incubated through the active coaching of internal organizational talent, and supported by a global network of tenured Exponential Organization (ExO) coaches and domain experts.

Exponential SPRINT approach

And, now our Exponential SPRINTs leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the different phases to complement human passion and ingenuity, to get insights on the external environment, generate new and combine different ideas, seek real-time feedback from synthetic users, curate new concepts to move forward with, and even establish the implementation roadmap.

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