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Exponential Capabilities Evaluation for Excellence in Disruption

Is Your Organization Future-Ready?

Does Your Organization Have The Capabilities Needed To Survive and Thrive?

Will Your Organization Be The Disruptor Or The Disrupted? 

Without a clear understanding of where your organization is, it’s nearly impossible to chart a path to where you can be.

Welcome to EXCEED

A Compass designed to assess your organization's Agility and Resilience, Innovativeness and Future-Readiness

Get a personalized report with actionable insights to achieve superior business performance and create a better future for all stakeholders.

EXCEED is a measure of your organization’s ability to survive and thrive in today’s disruptive and VUCA yet abundant era. It’s an 360 degree future-readiness assessment of your organization’s capabilities as well as the limiting factors towards:


  • Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness,

  • Innovating and Disrupting,

  • Accelerating Digital and Business Transformation, 

  • Delivering Superior Financial Performance, and Customer and Employee and Supplier Experience

  • Creating Sustainable Value for Stakeholders


That’s why we have crafted EXCEED, a unique and comprehensive assessment comprising 40 questions across the 11 Exponential Capabilities of MTP, S.C.A.L.E., and I.D.E.A.S. – the imperatives of success in today's era, across industries and geographies. Organizations embracing and embedding these capabilities have delivered 40X Superior Business Results compared to their non-exponential peers.


Why EXCEED Matters

It’s about more than just numbers. It’s about discovering the possibilities and imagining your organization’s Purpose. It’s about crafting Innovative Business Models and leveraging Emerging Technologies. It’s about accelerating your Strategy Execution towards expanding and unlocking your organization’s potential. It’s about getting insights from the 'best' and ‘next’ practices adapted by the most exponential organizations (startups, scaleups, and incumbents).

Each response of yours to the individual questions is a brushstroke on the canvas of your organization’s future. So, please take the time to read each of the questions and the response options carefully, and answer thoughtfully. 

At the completion of the assessment, you will receive a summary report with your scores at an overall and individual capability level, insights on the strengths as well as the limiting factors, and some initial perspectives on the potential way forward for your organization to survive and thrive.

We are confident that EXCEED assessment will enable you to:

🚀 Dive deep into your organization and uncover critical focus areas and profitable growth accelerators that defy conventions.

🌱 Discover the vast landscapes of untapped potential waiting to be explored and illuminate the path to where you can be.

🎯 Define audacious goals and jump start your journey towards creating exponential impact, to create a better future.

Your Privacy Matters

Your trust is our cornerstone. We pledge to protect your information with unwavering commitment. Your personal details and assessment responses are sacred. We guard them like the rarest gems, never to be shared with third parties.

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