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define exponential purpose & strategy

Are you likely to be "The Disrupted" or "The Disruptor"?

Today's disruptive and hyper-competitive era requires an entirely different approach from yesteryears for any organization (start-up, scale-up, and incumbent alike) to survive and thrive.

The last decade and the recent pandemic have demonstrated that successful organizations are purpose-driven, scalable, and adaptable to have the much-needed resilience.

Having a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) that clarifies the north star enables the capturing of the hearts and minds of internal and external stakeholders and acts as a guiding principle for any strategic and operational decision-making. 

Coupled with an MTP, successful organizations adapt the ten exponential attributes of S.C.A.L.E. and I.D.E.A.S. to enable tap into and manage the abundance of opportunities available.

ExO Attributes.png

Our recent research on the financial performance (over the 7 year period of 2014-2021) for the US Fortune 100 firms has shown that the organizations which embraced these exponential attributes outperformed their peers by 40X in terms of shareholder returns, had 2.6X revenue growth, were 6.8X more profitable and had 11.7X better asset utilization. 

We collaborate with business leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs through Awake and Align workshops - to increase awareness of the disruptive yet abundant era we are living in, and build alignment at the leadership and broader organizational levels towards Being the Disruptor instead of Being the Disrupted. And, through MTP and Innovation Strategy workshops, we establish and execute an Exponential 10X Growth and Impact roadmap - To build a future-ready, agile, resilient organization.

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