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charanjiv singh

New Delhi, India

Charanjiv has more than 30 years of multi-function experience in manufacturing and service industries, and has facilitated change and transformation efforts at various multinationals.

A hands-on leader and lean six sigma practitioner, Charanjiv is passionate about bringing performance Improvement through implementation of faster and better ways of doing business.

Prior to Enabling-Excellence, Charanjiv led the Indian manufacturing operations of Simon Holding, Spain. He has also consulted several large Indian conglomerates while being associated with leading Indian consulting firms. During his early years, Charanjiv worked with Eicher Mitsubishi Motors where he learnt the nuances of Lean Manufacturing and QC systems.

A firm believer that positive change can only be sustained by addressing all pertinent people processes, Charanjiv combines the human side of business with core business technicalities. 

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