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peter kristof

Budapest, Hungary

Peter is a highly experienced innovation expert, successful startup founder, and trusted strategic advisor with a proven track record in the fields of digitalization, venture capital, technology, and corporate development. 

Notably, he served as a management committee member of Ulyssys and as CEO of Ulyssys Serbia, a leading software conglomerate in Central and Eastern Europe. Peter has played a pivotal role in creating technology-based governmental strategies such as industry 4.0, 5G, and startup nation in Hungary. Furthermore, served as the Chief Information and Innovation Officer at the University of Pécs and provided valuable counsel to the European Innovation Council and European Institute of Technology and Innovation.

Peter is an incredibly experienced advisor, lecturer, and conference speaker. He is a specialist in disruptive innovation and exponential technologies, and has spent many years helping startups secure early and later-stage funding.


 Additionally, he co-founded YourAnastomosis, a surgical education startup. With his background as a former basketball player, he brings a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration, and perseverance to his work.

Peter is passionate about utilizing technological innovations and scientific research to develop individuals, teams, and organizations, aiming to make a positive and scalable impact.

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