Process Streamlining and Optimization (PSO) focuses on streamlining a targeted “value stream” across various functions by removing wastes and variability.


PSO is particularly useful for solving customer-centric problems such as quality and end-to-end cycle-times.

Process Streamlining and Optimization is under-pinned by our five pillar transformation model® focusing on critical organizational elements including customer orientation, leadership and culture, systems and processes, performance measures, and skills & competencies.

A 18-week structured approach to problem-solving, PSO is a cross-functional improvement methodology and starts with understanding customer needs, and deep-diving into all relevant processes for holistic diagnosis and redesign. 



Influence mindset & behaviours and enhance organizational skills to consistently deliver per customer requirements



Optimize and standardize a front-to-back process to eliminate wastes and achieve continuous flow



Increase transparency and strengthen performance systems towards a value stream view

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