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Suman EE Profile Pic 15.02.2024.jpg

Bengaluru, India

Dedicated to navigating individuals and businesses through the dynamic landscapes of transformative change, Suman stands as a passionate advocate for impactful leadership and mentorship.


His influence extends beyond corporate realms, with a significant presence as a respected mentor at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Globally recognized for his expertise, he has engaged with prestigious entities, including The World Bank and several Fortune 500 corporations.


Suman’s corporate journey is a testament to his prowess in steering organizations towards significant change. Noteworthy achievements punctuate his achievements at Infosys, and his entrepreneurial venture in Europe stands as a testament to his ability to lead successful ventures across continents.

The fusion of deep technological insights with strategic business acumen distinguishes Suman's approach. Positioned not merely as a mentor but as a visionary leader, he guides individuals and businesses towards a future marked by relevance, innovation, and transformative success.


Internationally recognized for his contributions, Suman is an active collaborator with organizations globally. His strategic insights and leadership have garnered acclaim, making him a sought-after figure in the global business arena.

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