Through Team Performance Optimization (TPO), we transform the “ways of working” for an entire team performing similar activities.

Focused on eliminating performance rigidity and variability, we strengthen team alignment, optimize skills and spans of control, and link lean behaviors to appraisal & rewards.

Similar to Process Streamlining and Optimization, TPO is under-pinned by 5 pillar transformation model® focusing on critical organizational elements including customer orientation, leadership and culture, systems and processes, performance measures, and skills & competencies.

A 13-week structured approach to problem-solving, TPO deep dives into capacity and people management towards establishing a continuous improvement mindset.



Connect team members to a meaningful purpose, and enable them contribute to their full potential



Focused capacity and capability management towards sustainable productivity gains and improved customer delivery



Instil operational management practices, increase transparency of workload and demand patterns and foster problem solving culture

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