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Data and service quality transformation

The context

  • Leading Financial Information Services provider having a negative 12% CSAT gap from the closest competitor, driven by issues related to Data and Service Quality                                                                                

  • Global leadership team aspiring to be the "definitive source of trusted financial information"                                               

  • Historical tactical approaches to improvements delivering diminishing impact with most fundamental root causes not being addressed


  • Conceptualized and kicked-off the global Process Excellence (Lean Six Sigma) initiative across Data Operations, Customer Services, and Customer Order Management                                    

  • Build improvement capabilities through training  of > 200 Service & Quality Champions (Black and Green Belts), and  executed > 250 improvement projects over 3 years across multiple waves                                                                                    

  • Rolled out appropriate governance and sustenance mechanisms  to enable & ensure program success.  Included deployment of MAAR charts, Accountability Reports and institutionalization of Service & Quality workshops


  • 20-90% improvements achieved over baseline performance levels across different  data and service quality metrics, resulting in positive 3% gap CSAT gap                                   

  • Enabled reduction in contract cancellations and wins over competition at focused customer accounts leading to estimated USD 200 million additional revenues                                             

  • Cultivated a culture of Continual Improvements and Excellence

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