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The context

  • A central Operations organization for a large European bank comprising 600 FTEs                                                                                            

  • Steeply growing business with immature processes and technologies                                            

  • Business challenged on several fronts, including Increasing delinquency in outstanding debt collections, increasing turnaround time in loan applications, and high staff turnover


  • Introduced a 9 step BPMS for the Consumer Debt Collections team within a short period of 2 months                                              

  • Expanded the BPMS deployment to all major  processes across the Operations organization (New Accounts, Payments, Customer Service)                                                    

  • Trained process owners and team members on metrics and interactions / improvement plans                                                  

  • Introduced New Incentive System for Associates involing strong alignment to operational KPI’s


  • Soft Savings of USD 1.6 million through cost avoidance of erstwhile planned investments to support RTB activities                                           

  • Improved Effectiveness levels of various processes in the range of 20-50% through elimination of root causes, and establishing mechanisms for continuous improvement

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