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The context

  • Procurement organization for a global Chemicals major comprising captive "strategic sourcing" and outsourced "procure to pay" functions                                                   

  • More than 30% of internal business stakeholders dis-satisfied with Services offered and value delivered by the Procurement organization                                         

  • Non-successful Integration of discrete procurement processes through different acquisitions and JV’s                                                              

  • Confusion and lack of clarity around responsibilities related to end-to-end procurement lift cycle management


  • Designed and facilitated a series of global workshops involving Procurement and aligned functions                                            

  • More than 800 issues and expectations captured, 14 project charters and 45+ go-do actions prioritized.                                              

  • Established a Balanced Scorecard, and SLA & OLA framework across the procurement value chain               

  • Program managed the improvement projects and "go do actions" including leadership sponsorship, governance and execution management within 6 months timeframe


  • Radical improvement in internal stakeholders feedback (only 4% dis-satsified) as reflected in the follow-up survey                                                 

  • Stronger alignment within the Strategic Sourcing and P2P , as well as  aligned functions  of Supply Chain and Business                                

  • Streamlined and integrated work-processes across different procurement categories , Business Units  and global locations                                               

  • Better understanding of constraints and expectations, and a resolve to working together across the procurement organization

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