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Five Pillar Transformation Model

Multiple studies and articles have been written about the low success rates of change and transformation initiatives.

We at Enabling Excellence postulate that organizational transformations can indeed deliver sound business results. But, this can be accomplished only when a comprehensive set of initiatives are designed and implemented simultaneously.

Organizations operate as a dynamic system evolving continuously, as against a static entity frozen in time. A piecemeal approach to change – perceived to be simpler and manageable, invariably delivers sub-optimal results.

As Peter Drucker once said, “Only three things happen naturally in organizations – friction, confusion and under-performance”. Through this white paper document, we aspire to share a holistic and systemic approach to break this inertia, and be successful.

Leveraging our decades of change and transformation experiences with several organizations of different sizes, and across industries and geographies, we at Enabling Excellence have developed a holistic Five Pillar Model.

The model addresses the necessary conditions for a rapid transformation geared towards producing sound and sustainable results. When these five pillars are simultaneously decoded, designed, and deployed, the transformation efforts successfully enable creation of an excellent organization.


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